The typical trip itinerary begins with arrival on Wednesday afternoon of the week of the trip.   Guests comfortably settle in to the Lodge unpacking and reacquainting with old friends.  Guest are asked to bringMatts Sunrise PIc '08 their favorite drink and once all have arrived, there will be Hors Oeuvres, an evening break for stew/chili and much discussion of the hunts to follow over the next few days.  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are the designated hunt dates beginning at the legally allotted time and returning to the Lodge by at least 5:00 pm each day.   Departure is generally Sunday morning to connect with Airline Schedules or the drive home.  Each hunting day begins with a briefing on hunter safety and the hunt strategy for the day as well as answering any questions that individuals may have.   All participants are required to join in on this discussion.

Each guest is provided with a soft-sided cooler suitable for transporting their birds for the trip home – either by car or air travel.  STEINMANN GRP'02 052

We do not hunt, in general, from Sunday through Wednesday of each week.  We are more in to maintaining a robust and healthy wild birdLynch Waugh Grp. 06 147 population than running a large number of people through the property. Typically, we are in the latter part of the hunt season before we have hunted all of the property.


Our good fortune is that basically the same groups have returned year after year.  Currently there are no openings for groups at this time.  However, as does happen each year, some participants are not able to return for one reason or another.  On those occasions, we do entertain booking individuals or groups of up to 4 to join the established groups.  Should there be interest, we encourage you to contact us and check for availability.

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