The property is located near Kimball, South Dakota and consists of land in excess of 3,000 acres groomed over the years for maintaining a healthy pheasant population. Approximately 1/3 of the property is tallGOODSEL FAM 2014 DAY 1 (2) prairie grasses, 300 acres of strategically placed shelterbelts and food plots that are left standing through the winter months, numerous wetland areas, 14 maintained dugouts for water, and approximately 1,500 acres of cropland.

Most of the property is connected, all is within a short driving distance from the Lodge, and, is centered in the “best of the best” SD pheasant territory. Guests experience the sights and sounds of the wide open Copy of DALE SELENO GRP DAY 3 2010 019spaces with sightings of SD monster deer on almost a daily basis plus the other animals of the plains.SELENO GRP DAY 2 091

Kimball is located between Chamberlain and Mitchell, SD.  The nearest major airport is in Sioux Falls, approximately 100 miles East on I-90.